Rozmarin – quality food and calm atmosphere


I feel so lucky to know the owner of this sweet little cafe, Rozmarin. Mainly because I often talk about how the food is prepared with her. This makes me feel as if I’m eating a home cooked meal there. In fact, that is the feeling the owner of the Rozmarin would like everyone to feel. She works tirelessly with her lovely chefs and bakers to create quality food for people. As a foodie myself, I have to say, I love Rozmarin’s dishes any time of the day and any day of the week. My family has become a regular costumer from the start.


The atmosphere at Rozmarin is another reason I go there often. The space is clean and bright. The decor is artful and playful. They have a super creative artist working on the look of the cafe, and I am often mesmerized by her work there. During the changes of the seasons and celebrations of some holidays, the decor changes accordingly, enticing me to go there and see it.


Aside from the food and the atmosphere, what I love about Rozmarin is that it quietly changes the cafe scene of Chisinau. At least, during the last five years of my life here in Chisinau, I have not seen a cafe that serves so much more than just coffee and cake. By so much more, I mean international cuisine in their menu, brunch during weekends, sandwiches with their own bread, showcasing of local art, live music on some nights, to name a few. Rozmarin’s humble space continues to fill more and more seats every time I go there. At this rate, Rozmarin will soon give other cafes a good reason to up their game a bit.

I say bravo to Rozmarin, and I encourage everyone to go see and try what they have! You can find out more at the Rozmarin Cafe Facebook Page.




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