Jeraffe resto – Chisinau’s daring Asian and seafood cousin 

In our four years living in Chisinau, we have heard about Jeraffe several times, but mainly as a good catering service.
Last year however, we noticed big posters about the “new” Jeraffe with a chef from Japan.

So, we had to try it as I have a special love for Japanese food, especially sushi.

We were pretty impressed with the quality and presentation of food. Service is always nice whether you are at the restaurant or reserving a table on the phone.

Recently, they even started having a seafood festival where they serve lobsters, crabs, mussels and  raw oysters. That was something to try! Which  I did. It was pricy but that’s understandable as they were imported. It’s a nice thing to enjoy once in a while! I really apploud their guts to serve raw oysters!

It’s a place I am starting to love for special occasions. Their Facebook page is always updated with new events and recent pictures of their food. They tend to do Special Menu sets that’s fun to experiment with. Most of the time, we had to reserve to get in, and we have enjoyed all of the meals there!


Check it out and enjoy!


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