Chisinau National Tennis School – amusing architecture and atmosphere

Our son goes to take tennis lessons here – sometimes with the already-formed groups, and sometimes with private trainers. Everytime, I go there, I feel like I’m in a different place than Chisinau.  The architecture in the big indoor hall is pretty awesome! Maybe nothing unique, nevertheless, it makes you want to stay. Of course, the hard wooden floors are a bit strange for tennis, but hey, I think kids still enjoy the play. 

While my son plays, I love to take a walk around and look at their framed picture of old days and famous players that started there. I also enjoy the walls, ceilings and the floors. 

The windows are  filled with flowers. This is not unusual in Chisinau, and in some other post-Soviet cities. I always wish I could raise flowers like they do!   The outdoor play area is huge and has clay courts.The school is running throughout the year and is run by the state. Sometimes I don’t fully understand how they run and how we need to pay, but we find a way. If u like tennis, it’s a great place to visit! 


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