Chisinau Map and Walks – iOS app GIVEAWAY!!!


I am super excited to host this Giveaway of the Chisinau Map and Walks iOS app. As I have shared on my Facebook Page before, I love having good map apps on my phone, especially because I drive and I have room to improve when it comes to understanding maps. Chisinau Map and Walks is a fun and great tool because it offers so much more than just a map. As you can from the pictures, it has different types of filters that are interesting to explore and use.


It includes attractions and city tours. I learned new places about Chisinau through it, which is something I like! So far, my favorite thing about this app is the Track Me feature! I have been always wanting to track the places I drive, especially if it is a new place, so I can later look at it and follow it. This is something, I am so excited to try out!


I am looking forward to continue my journey through this app, and here is your chance to own it on your iOS devices. The app is created by GPSmyCity, and they are offering 20 promo codes for the Chisinau Map and Walks (full version)!! Thank you so much, GPSmyCity!

To enter, you just need to leave a comment about your favorite place in Moldova! Your comment must include a picture of this place. The first 20 commenters will get the promo code, so hurry up! This giveaway will last only until October 31st!

Once I receive your comments with pictures, I will email you the promo code (and the instructions), so make sure to include your email address when you enter to comment. Your email address will not be shown to the public.

So, don’t wait any longer. Enter your comment down below!

Good Luck!


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