La Dolce Italia – A place with gelato ice-cream in Chisinau! 

 Life is full of sweet surprises!

We have been living in Chisinau for almost four years now, and I wonder how we have never came across La Dolce Italia! Maybe we have walked by it, but how did we not go in and discover the delisously beautiful gelato ice-cream?!   After hearing about it from other expat friends, we decided to go in and explore this place. It’s a humble little place right next to Ulim and across from the Italian Embassy (of course)! It is run by three sweet ladies, and who are the people who MAKE this gelato right there!


They also serve other delisous food. You can see some pictures it in their Facebook page. Their gelato ice-cream, however, is probably the most popular thing in there! They are smooth, creamy and come in many wonderful flavors. This place is an instant hit for our kids, of course! We also noticed a “Happy Hour!” sign. When I asked when is the happy hour, they said “any time.” I think I like this place 🙂 I started taking pictures. Soon after, the ladies came out with a complimentary Italian lemonade. Yum and so nice!  Next time I want to try their pizza and whatever else they have got!  They also have a nice little area for outdoor seating. IMG_7784 IMG_7785 IMG_7791
They will be seeing us much more! Go and enjoy this place and let me know if you have tried their food or drinks!


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