Smokehouse- an American style good beer and smoked meat in Chisinau. 

For about a year now, there has been a buzz in Chisinau about a couple of American Volunteers in Moldova, who have been trying to open a BBQ place in Chisinau.

Their story of diligence, passion and dedication to open this eatery – following the Moldovan rules by the book, step by step – has been more talked about than what they would serve.

Naturally, I was interested in the food and atmosphere more (although the their story is indeed inspiring).


Above is a picture of what I ordered – a chicken burger with coleslaw and baked beans. I did enjoy it, especially the side dishes. It gave me a feeling I was somewhere in the USA.


The nachos were something exciting to see on the menu. When it was on our table, I was afraid that the white line of liquid was mayo, at first, but it turned out to be sour cream. Duh!!

My husband’s pulled pork came on a toast – southern influence.

Kid’s Maci and Cheese was yummier than it looks in the picture above. Although, this place is not particularly fears toward families, our kids enjoyed all the food and medicine he fact that they heard people speaking English all around them. If you come here with kids, lunch may be the best time. They have gorgeous big tables where our kids loved to spread their toys and drawing pads on.

My favorite thing about the Smokehouse was their American beer on tap.

I will definitely come back for this and maybe some chicken wings, that they serve only on Wednesdays.

Their address is 128 Boulevard Stefan Cel Mare, but the entry is on Aleksandrii street.

Hope you go and enjoy! Let me know how you liked it!


Smokehouse Facebook



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