Propaganda Cafe – A delight to discover


I finally tried the new restaurant/cafe Propaganda this weekend and I have to say, I’m pleased about what I saw and ate. The interior design is a combination of antique and modern. It seems that there are too many things on the walls, but it somehow goes together very well and makes you feel like you are at home. Music in the background is not too loud and the genre ranges from jazz to folk songs in English. It feels comfortable to be there right away, and that’s a plus for the atmosphere!


For food, we ordered an appetizer Quesadillas , and Pork Medallion for the main dish, and both tasted fresh and delicious. The Quesadillas seemed to be popular as I saw plates of them passing through the restaurant. All the food came fairly quick too! The wine list was pretty impressive, I would say. We found our favorite bottles from Et Cetera and Equinox for a reasonable price!



The location is right in the center, which is perfect. It’s on Sciusev between Pushkin and Banulescu-Bodoni. If you are driving, you can park on the side of Sciusev.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 10.08.57 AM

It is open from 8AM till 12Am. Also, the whole restaurant is NON-SMOKING! That’s not too easy to find in Chisinau. This means, it should be a nice place for bringing kids! I have not tried their breakfast yet, but it would be nice to go for breakfast there, and then walk to the Stefan Cel Mare park for a stroll!


They don’t have a website yet, but they do have a lively Facebook Page, so check it out hereIMG_4544

Try this place and let us know what you think!  Enjoy!!!


3 thoughts on “Propaganda Cafe – A delight to discover

    • Oh my gosh I made a mistake. They are indeed quesadillas. I get the names mixed up all the time. Thank you! I’ll change it right away! I hope you like your visit there!

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