Blogs and Websites about Moldova

It’s been two years since my family moved to Moldova and since I started writing this blog. I enjoy writing, and while I write, I also find other blogs and sites about Moldova. Today, I want to share a few blogs and websites about Moldova with you. I hope you find them useful, interesting and funny as I do. If you know of any other sites, please leave us a comment about it and where we can find it!


For Entertainment:


When I look for a restaurant in Moldova, I always ran into Allmoldova site. It has a lengthy list of restaurants and cafes with details, contact information and some pictures. Besides the restaurant list, they have sections about political and economic news, information about shopping and spas, and holiday events in Moldova. For English Speakers, it has an English version as well!

fest is a great place to look up the upcoming events in Moldova. It lists all that is going on including concerts, festivals, museum events, musical events, and even private parties. Sometimes, the information is not complete, but most big events will have good information and links to their websites or facebook pages. Bookmark this site as it will come useful many times!

For Tourism and Adventures:

This site serves as a guide to living and traveling in Moldova. It is a website that is being built as a project to improve tourism in Moldova. It has useful information about visa and finances as well as guides about the cities and attractions in Moldova. The website is organized well and has many pictures to give you a visual tour of Moldova.
This is a website that invites people for adventures in Moldova through hiking, biking, running, kayaking, climbing and more. It is an exciting website run by exciting individuals that I have met personally. Besides outdoor activities, they also organize team building activities in English to which I have been to and enjoyed a lot. If you are up for an adventure in the beautiful Moldovan nature with or without kids, I would strongly recommend this group as a guide and facilitators.

tripMold is a website of a tourist agency that has business packages and customized packages to get to know Moldova more. Just give them a call and you will have a personalized trip!

For Personal Blogs:

 I recently changed this part of the post because some of the personal blogs I have found a while ago are no longer being updated. For this reason, I am now simply listing the links I had before without any comments about them. Check them out, they will still be fun to look into.

One thought on “Blogs and Websites about Moldova

  1. Hi T, thanks for mentioning me and for your kind words! I am happy that my writing makes sense to somebody else than myself. Great with this post – promoting the ‘Moldovan blogosphere’! All the best to you and your family for 2014.

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