Gustar Festival 2013!

I went to the Gustar Ethno Festival last August in Orheiul Vechi, Moldova, and I had a blast! My whole family went (with two little kids) and we all had a great great time.  It is a great historical place. I would write about it, but I actually don’t know much about the history of it. I only know that it is absolutely amazing there. It looks like a natural amphitheater, with old monasteries on the walls. Some websites call it an open-air museum complex!  Check it out on Google Image and you will like what you will see.

Although Orheiul Vechi is beautiful to visit on it’s own, it’s even better when you are going there for the Gustar Ethno Festival. This year, it will happen very soon. Like TOMORROW!!! and the DAY AFTER TOMORROW!! So, this Saturday and Sunday, August 24th and 25th, the festival will take place and I am sure there will be a lot of people there! They have lots of food and drinks and activities for kids, as well as great live music. Bands from several countries will come this year. If you want to find more information about it, check out the information about it.

The only downfall of this place is that you have to have some kind of a transportation to get there. I don’t know if you can take a taxi there, but if you can, I can imagine the price of that. writes about the price of bus tickets going there, but not anything about where you can catch those busses, so go figure! If you have a friend who has a car, convince that friend to take you there!

If you have kids, take them there too. Last year there were a lot of things for kids to do there and they can just run around and jump around with music. Our kids had a lot of fun last year and I hope they’ll do this weekend!

Recently, someone I know told me that she goes there to camp over night. If I went just with friends, sans kids, I would totally do that!

Also, I wrote about it after our last visit and you can see what I wrote there, and see how it looked like through my camera lens. Click here to go to that post.






2 thoughts on “Gustar Festival 2013!

  1. Thank you for this amazing blog. My family and I are going to be moving to Moldova over the next year and I came across your blog and it has really made us excited about this move. We have young kids also. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about education in Moldova when you have some time. J.

    • Hi J,

      Thank you for stopping by. I like being in Chisinau with our kids as it seems to be more kid-friendly than other places we have been. We also know Russian, which has a positive affect on our experience of course. I hope your move here goes well and that you will find Moldova as fun as I do.
      I will try to make a post soon about the education here, thanks for asking!
      ~ T

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