Mister Dog – Pet Shop in the center of Chisinau


We decided to get a little aquarium a few months ago. For now, fish is as far as it goes for a family pet. With two little kids, we didn’t think we could manage anything bigger. So, we got our fish and aquarium and we are a happy little family now.


We bought our first fish and the aquarium at an outdoor market, but that was before we knew Mister Dog existed. Mister Dog, is a cute little pet store that is right in the center of Chisinau. It is on the street Mitropolit Varlaam #88. It is very close to the shopping center Sun City and the Leogrand Hotel. The store is a little tricky to find, but I tried to pinpoint the location at the map below. Once you are in that area, you will notice a little store with a poster of a dog on it.

They sell so many types of food and accessories for all kinds of pets. They also sell different types of fish, hamsters and birds. They do not have dogs and cats, although there are several cats running around there and I know the owners of the shop would be happy if you wanted to take them. In fact, when I first went to this store, I almost forgot about the fish I wanted to buy and adopted a little black kitten. Almost. But, I got the fish instead, as I remembered that we already had two big cats with two feet that can talk and eat and scream and make us do all kinds of things, at home.


Mister Dog, does not have a website so, I have no links for it. But, if you want to take a closer look at the map, click on the map above and I hope that will help you find the place.  I always spoke Russian in the store, so I am not sure if the owners know some English. But try it anyways, if you only speak English. They work 9 AM till 7 PM Monday through Saturday, and 10AM till 12PM on Sundays. Check it out and enjoy!




One thought on “Mister Dog – Pet Shop in the center of Chisinau

  1. We enjoy going into Mr. Dog just to look around. Today we are headed there to get some supplies for our new cat Mr. Roderiquiz.

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