Gallo Pub – Italian Restaurant

Most expatriates in Moldova hear about the famous Trivia Quiz NIghts that is organized by the Hospice Angelus Moldova. It is the year 2013 now and our family has been in Moldova for almost two years, and I have gone to several of these fun events and had a blast. Most recently, the venue of these events was change to Gallo Pub restaurant.


For the quiz nights, I think it’s a great place that can fit all the fans. Gallo Pub is also fun for a family outing. I really enjoy going there with my family as it has a very big area inside and a low key atmosphere. So if the kids run around and make noise, there is no one complaining!  If there isn’t an event happening, the restaurant is usually pretty empty, so the food comes fast. But, I know when there is an event, the service can be slow, but that’s just the way it is. I still like going there with a or without a crowd. When we go as a family, we enjoy the mellow atmosphere and our pizza comes out right away.


If you are wondering about the quality of the pizza, I have to say that, as of now (July 2013) it is my favorite place to get pizza! I love pretty much everything about them. I also do enjoy their Greek salad and beers, as well as their famous chicken dish. So, Gallo Pub is basically on my top five Chisinau restaurants list now. Ok, before I say that several more times, I should tell you more about this place.


The location of Gallo Pub is not most convenient if you live in the center and don’t have a car. However, if you take a taxi or a buss, it is not too far away from the center. It is located on Strada Albasoara 78/5. For those who drive, there is a big parking lot in front of the restaurant which is another attraction for me, as it is hard to find parking around some restaurants in Chisinau. And when winter comes along,  this will make a big difference!


Along with a big indoor seating area, there is a nice outdoor seating area in front of the restaurant. It is also covered so you don’t get soaked in the rain. 🙂 The prices are not high, but definitely higher than other pizza and/or italian restaurant chains. It’s really worth the money though,  if you have little kids and if you want to take a guest somewhere. Just make sure there is no major event going on there before you get there. Their numbers are: 060546060, 078546060. Also, you could check their Gallo Pub -Facebook Page too. Enjoy!



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