Traditional Blouse Day and IA Mania event


On June 30 (2013), soon after I read a post on TriptoMoldova’s website about the celebration of the Moldovan traditional blouse called ” le “, I went to a traditional fair honoring the blouse. It was called IA Mania. I loved the event. All the females and some men were dressed in the traditional blouses and they looked so stylish. The Le was truly the star of the show! I really wished I had one on too.


The fair sold these blouses, jewelry, and some traditional food and drinks.I bought some stuffed cabbage rolls – those are my favorite – and they were delicious. I also got a couple of slices of different cakes and other pastries. They looked so good, it was hard to resist. There was a performance of a popular local band or bands going on too, which looked very popular. Some kids were dancing to the music and others were gathered around the band.


The event was child-friendly too. My 3 year old daughter really enjoyed tasting pastries. Also, there was a big place with couple of child-friendly craft activities. For 30 lei, my daughter got to color flowers to make a paper head-wreath.


I really hope that this happens next year too. I thought the fair was so popular and really fun, and given the fact that it was their first-time event, it was super successful.


There was an entry price of 30 lei for adults, and all the jewelry and clothes were probably more expensive there than they usually are. But, most products were hand-made and therefore worth the money!



If it happens next year, don’t miss it! And try to find the Moldovan traditional blouse to wear, and bring a good appetite and a good camera!


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