La Badis – Restaurant and Zoo outside of Chisinau















One of our good friends took our little family to this restaurant outside of Chisinau one of the weekends in June. I have heard about La Badis several times and have been wanting to go.















It was a place with big land and a little real creek where I saw several guys drinking from. It’s a fresh creek which was one of the reasons for the restaurant open to. There are many outdoor seatings under the trees. The service was really nice too, although we saw they were very busy with two weddings going on at the same time. We ordered some Zama soup and assorted Placintes and the Placintes were the best I have tried so far! They were big and fluffy, and very yummy. I’m so sorry I didn’t get a picture of them. I guess I was too busy eating them.











































I was intrigued by people telling me that it has a little zoo at the restaurant premises, so I had to check that out with our little ones.






























It was a very cute little zoo with little chicks running around. I can’t believe I don’t remember what other animals they had there, but what I do remember was the cage with peacocks and peahens.  One peacock even opened his tails to impress us.

The prices for Placinte and Zama were pretty expensive, but I guess it’s that kind of a place that you only go for special occasions.

La Badis is a little outside of Chisinau, so you have to have a ride to go there. I found a few websites that also have information and pictures about the restaurant. The best one is by Moldova Holiday – it’s in English and has more pictures along with a map.

I hope you get to go there. It’s a great place to go with kids as they can run around in an inclosed environment, and the zoo will definitely get the kids excited. Also, it’s a great place to take guests to.





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