Update on Dendraium Park

These days are great times to go to parks and I have been enjoying Dendrarium Park again! I have written about this park before, if you want to see it click HERE. The thing that has changed since that last post is the cost of entry at the park. It used to be 2 lei per adult if the adult is with a child, but now it’s the same for all adults no matter who they are arriving with. It is 4 lei for adults, and no charge for kids under age of 7. Also, I did not mention a few other things that I now found out about. There is a play ground with a sand box, a bouncy play area with a trampoline, paid little car rides, as well as a horse ride (only on weekends though) in this park! Sometimes they have events there; for example, the other weekend they showed a children’s movie in the park and there was so much traffic there trying to get in. We did not try to go but it looked like it was something really fun. It is such a big place, I am sure I’ll continue finding new things there. If you have not gone there yet, I recommend you to take a trip there. Below are a few of the recent pictures. Enjoy!











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