Torro Grill – Steak House


Now that the weather is super nice (if you ignore the occasional thunder and showers), it’s great to find a restaurant that has a beautiful outdoor seating, and Torro Grill has one of the best ones yet. It’s not right in the center of Chisinau, but it’s not too far either, and I’m sure if you get there somehow, you will not regret the little trip. You can combine the dinner with a little walk at the park as Torro Grill sits right on top of a beautiful park with a pretty pond in it. If you sit in the outdoor seating outside the restaurant, you will have a beautiful view of a the park and this pond as you enjoy your meal.



Me and my husband had a nice romantic dinner here and we ordered two different kinds of steaks and they both were very well prepared. They both also came with a little bit of potatoes and salad too, which was nice to see. If you can read Romanian or Russian, here is a link to the menu. (Click on the picture below):

Torro Menu

Here is a picture of my Pork on the grill and Tiramisu:



At the time we were there, there was a live music – a man playing songs with a 12 string guitar. It was not loud, which was a plus for us as we like to talk a lot! The music was very pleasant to listen to; it was played inside but there were speakers for the outdoor diners too. The inside of the restaurant was also pretty nice, especially one area with all window walls overlooking the park. I thought that was a sweet place for a gathering! I bet you have to reserve in advance for it.



We were pretty happy with the service there as well. The guy that waited on us spoke fluent English, and he also was very nice and welcoming. Although the service is nice, I do not recommend the restaurant for families with little kids unless they can and like to sit without screaming and running around. Our kids have to scream and run around, so we wouldn’t be too comfortable taking them here. But, they don’t have a “No Children Here” sign or anything, so you could bring them if that’s your style!

I assume it is a kind of place you should reserve especially on weekends. Before we went to the restaurant, we did reserve a day ahead.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!



2 thoughts on “Torro Grill – Steak House

  1. We went to Torro Grill for dinner tonight and we very impressed. It is actually only about 3 mins walk from the apartment, but we never tried it for food before. I had the Cowboy Steak which was a wonderful cut of Ribeye and my partner had the same as you 🙂 I only found this blog after getting home tonight and it was funny to see that you had the same dinner as her! Btw the Zamma here is one of the best in Chisinau in our opinion if anyone is a soup fan!

    • Hi,
      thank you for stopping by and commenting! I will have to try that Zamma there; I do love that soup. I’m happy you discovered my blog and hope that you will continue to visit. I try to write here as much as I can.



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