Kira’s Club – A Nice Place for Drinks



Since I became a mother, my husband and I don’t stay later than 10 PM. We are tired by then and just love to crash and get some sleep. But, sometimes, it’s nice to push ourselves and try out some new places for a good time with friends. One Saturday night, we decided to do just that. We went out for dinner at 513 and then to Kira’s Club for drinks. And we really enjoyed our time there. The drinks were pretty nice, and the service pleasant. The room had a similar vibe as 513, with different decorations at each table and corner.

IMG_9562 2


We sat at a table that had bills from all over the world.



Kira’s Club is located right in the center on Veronica Micle 7, between Eminescu and Aleksandrii street. If you are walking from Eminescu towards Aleksandrii, the club will be on your right, and you kinda have to keep a close eye because  the entrance is not right on Veronica Micle. It is a nice place to go after dinner, and it also has live music sometimes. Visit their Facebook Page to find out. But, I wonder if there is a better way to know their life music schedule? …




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