Tortik – An Adorable Bakery & Cafe


I have been meaning to go to Tortik for a while now and I finally went the other day. I went in there just to take a picture of it, because I knew it was so cute in there. The whole store reminds me of the famous Lauderee macaroon cafe in Paris. It has the same colors – light green and gold – and yummy cakes and cookies.

IMG_9554 2

Instead of eating or buying things, I just wanted to stand there all day and stare at everything in there. Things are sooo cute there, did I mention that? So cute.


It has a little sweet room in the back where there is only about three adorable seatings where you can be all cute and eat a cute cake and cute coffee and stuff.

IMG_9558 2

This is a place you can order beautiful cakes for special occasions. They are however, more expensive than other places I have seen, but I have been in a birthday party where the cake was from here and it was one of the best cakes I have ever tasted. And I’m normally not a fan of cakes.


Go there and try it! It’s not right in the center, but still a walking distance if you are near the center.


During the week days they are open from 9AM till 7PM, but not sure about the weekends, and I can’t seem to find it in their website.




4 thoughts on “Tortik – An Adorable Bakery & Cafe

    • Hi Elena, I think it is somewhat new. Check out their website. They have great ideas for Birthday favors and cakes, I think! I may consider their services for the next birthday in the family.

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