Happy Women’s Day- 8th of March!



I love the sight of beautiful floral display of the flower market as much as I love the sigh of people buying them. There is something about it that makes me smile.

Today, the 8th of March, is an International Women’s Day. It’s celebrated with great enthusiasm in the former Soviet Union regions. So, if you just found out, go out and get flowers for the females in your lives. Daughters, student girls, mothers, female teachers, female neighbors and all other females will be expecting flowers today in Chisinau!



3 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day- 8th of March!

  1. Hi T! Happy International Women’s Day to you, too! I agree all the flowers around the city – especially the tulips – are a delight to behold! Have a fine day.

    [I’ve been meaning to share this with you: https://www.internations.org/ I became a member and attended the February members’ get-together – it was fun. The site is free to join. Shall I see you at the next get-together?]

    • Thank you so much!I have heard of internations and I should join, why not. I just got busy with some things here and then you tend to forget about things you saw earlier. I wanted to tell you about another club by the way. You might have heard of it, but the International Women’s Club of Moldova is also a great community! I found all of my wonderful friends through it. There is a lunch that is open for all coming up soon, let me know if you are interested! I would love to meet you finally!

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