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Jack’s Bar and Grill in Chisinau, Moldova




Here is another new restaurant in Chisinau! This is a chain that serves mostly American Style food. Apparently, there are many other Jack’s’ in other countries too. So, this is a successful formula.

I have been to this place two times with friends and I have to say, it has become one of my favorite places to go! The food is pretty good. I and my friends have tried the Fillet Mignon stake, Pepper Steak, Salmon with fried parmesan, Trout stuffed with seafood, Tom Yum soup, and their Blue Cheese Burger. The Fillet Mignon was ordered twice at different times and both of the times was very pleasing; the meat tastes fresh and good and it comes with homemade potato chips that is really nice (about 120 lei). The stuffed trout (Forel in their menu) was beautifully presented but may have more bones than salmon, which was also beautiful and yummy (both around 110 lei). The Burgers are good enough but don’t really live up to the American standards. But, I would order it again. It was surprising to see a Thai soup Tom Yum – a spicy seafood soup, and it turned out to be pretty good too. This is under the appetizers section. The only thing that I didn’t like from what we ordered is a desert that I cannot even remember the name of. Maybe, they are not so strong on deserts but, I have yet to try more than one kind. I think most food has meat. When one of our friends asked for a non-meat dish, they suggested a dish with rabbit.










Their drinks are pretty good. I had a Cosmopolitan and Nigroni cocktails and they were pretty good. They have a good selection of beer on draft and bottled wines. No complaint on the drinks, really. And the prices are not that harsh on the wallet.





One concern about the place is in their service. The girl that is greeting at the door is pleasant to look at but not to talk to. She just doesn’t seem to want people in. The waiters are better than the girl at the door, but still could use improvement. The location is another drawback if you are used to walking in the center of Chisinau. Jack’s is located a bit outside of the town but close to one of the major shopping areas, called the Grand Hall. For this reason, I am sure that there is a public transportation there, but I couldn’t find the exact numbers that go there. Also, the placemats say something so silly like Real Men Food… No comment there, just see below. The place also has live music from time to time, and we had the chance to listen to one. They had fun American country/folk music, but it was soooooo loud!! But, that’s kinda normal here when there is a live music.


The restaurant also serves breakfast and lunch. It actually opens at 7 in the morning! I am not sure about the hours in all of the days of the week, but here is the phone number:

Jack’s Bar & Grill: 0789 94 444

Address: Constantin Negruzzi Bld, #2/4 (near GrandHall), Chisinau.



I would definitely call and reserve before going. Like I said, the girl at the door is not welcoming when you actually do have a reservation, and if you come without one you might need to fight your way into it even if the place looks empty! But the food will be worth the fight. 🙂 Enjoy!





15 thoughts on “Jack’s Bar and Grill in Chisinau, Moldova”

  1. You were able to get in? Every time we or friends have stopped by, we’ve been told we need reservations, even though the place is 3/4 empty. At this point, many of the local Americans think this is not a restaurant but a money laundering operation because it’s never busy and constantly turning people away. We were psyched to go when we first heard about it. Now? Pfft. If you can’t treat customers decently, you don’t deserve them. The American embassy community here eats out a -lot- here too. Their loss. Buffalo Steak House’s gain.

    1. I agree, it’s too bad they are not too welcoming. However, we did get a reservation yesterday on the same day no problem. Have you tried reserving ahead? I do like the service better at Buffalo too, but i have to say, the prices are better at Jack’s and I did like my Filet Mignon better there than the steaks I have had at Buffalo. I do hope they improve their service though. If you do choose to go again to Jack’s I would recommend to try that stuffed trout and Filet Mignon!

      1. Thanks, I’d do what you suggested except for one thing: my husband’s dead set against Jack’s because of the whole reservation treatment. Chisinau doesn’t really have a restaurant reservation culture except for large groups, and it’s a shame that Jack’s is trying to impose one. We eat out at least three nights a week and, as a couple, never have been turned away like that at any other place. He’s not a happy camper! Maybe I’ll be able to convince someone else to go there for lunch with me. Tonight, we’re going to Spice Club!

    1. Update on Spice Club …. they’re closed due to technical problems. Darn, they were good! Hopefully it’s not a permanent closing. Our backup was great, though… El Greco!

  2. Ate at Jacks a few weeks ago, and agree with your review. Especially the crappy reception. Amazing… they don’t “get” that you only have one chance to make a first impression and she makes a lousy one. When we (three of us) walked in at 7 pm, we were told that we could be there only for one hour (in a most rude way). We figured out it was because the band starts at 8 pm and tables are reserved after that. The service was slow, so we had to eat too fast. The food we had was okay, the steak good, but I would not call it inexpensive.

    1. Oh great you already tried it! Yeah, the service is a real bummer! Which steak did you order? I think all restaurant favorites are really personal. I like some restaurants that some people don’t think much of and I realize that it’s mainly because of what we may have ordered to eat. For example, if I want that Tom Yum soup and the Fillet Mignon, my first choice so far would be here at Jacks. I go with my favorite crowd, ignore the service and hope the food continues to be good.

  3. Popular spot at night and a lot of tables were reserved. First night it was packed and I get the comments re the girl on the front door but she still found me a table for one down near the bar. Live band and place was packed. Fillet mignon was pretty good. Great for breakfast with good menu selection and the burgers / sandwiches were also pretty good the other days I called in. Free strong WIFI. Good Lavazzo coffee. Nice relaxed environment and the staff were pretty efficient and friendly. Nice spot to kill a few hours and really not out of place anywhere around the world. But I’d suggest def book ahead at night. During the day plenty of spare tables.

    1. Hello, thank you for stopping by! I am glad you liked this place too! I need to revisit it; I did like their burger. They also had Tom Yum in their menu, as I remember, which is pretty random but tempting. Maybe next time, I should try it.

  4. Hi. Maybe you didn’t had a chance yet to know Chisinau better, but Jack’s is located in the center of the city, not outside of it. It’s the center and the beginning of a big district called Botanica.
    The post is from 2013 year, maybe you already visited some places located in Botanica district too.

    1. Thank you Elena! Yeah perhaps I still don’t fully know the exact boarders of the regions. What I meant was that it is not around the Stefan Cel Mare parks, which I consider the main areas of the center. To go to Jack’s from this area, one would need to have a transport or a big ambition to walk. So, my goal was to let my readers know it’s not right smack in the middle of the center.
      Thank you so much for coming here and for your input! Have you been there recently? I have not been for over a year.

  5. the part with really big ambition to walk – that’s totally right! ))
    only when you have a good company the road seems to be a short walk, otherwise – you get bored.
    i’ve been last time there about a year ago too, they seem to have everything based on appointments as you mentioned. we booked a table on the first floor 3 weeks in advance. the first floor seems to be very popular. all the party with a band and after a DJ is starting at 8 PM until the early morning. from friday until sunday it’s really crowded.

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