La Sarkis – my favorite restaurant.

This restaurant has good food! I have been here more than 6 times this year and I have never been disappointed! The restaurant serves Caucasian food. I love getting the borsh soup and the kebap.

La Sarkis is located in the center, right across from the EcoSport Gym. The exact location is: A. Mateevichi 113. If you have little kids, there is a little playground right next to it so the kids can play there while you wait for your order (which is not too fast). And there is a beautiful big park with the lake behind the restaurant.

The drawbacks of the restaurant are : 1. it’s expensive, 2. the service can be slow, 3. you might have the feeling that this is a place for the filthy rich with attitudes. Anyways, when I want to treat myself and the family, I ignore most of the drawbacks and go there and know that their food will always be above average!


2 thoughts on “La Sarkis – my favorite restaurant.

  1. I look forward to learning more about this cuisine and trying this restaurant. I assumed you meant food from the Caucasus, but was puzzled by “Caucasian” as that is the word we normally use for the “white” race. Of course I googled it and found you are right. 🙂

    • Hey,
      he he
      yeah, I actually had to google it before I typed it in because I thought it sounded as if I meant the ‘white race’ as well. But, to my surprise, that’s how it is written. However, now I think I still should have written “from Caucasus” instead. That would have been easer on the mind.
      well, we keep on learning…

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