Ju Bijoux – the jewelry star in Chisinau

(Please note that Ju Bijoux has moved to a new place in the center since this post was written. Learn more at their Facebook Page)

There was a lovely fashion show last Saturday that showcased the Moldovan designers. It was a fun night I was lucky to be involved in and during my time spent there I learned about some really cool designs of clothes and jewelry. There were bags and shoes as well, but I did not familiarize myself with them much although they seemed nice.

Ju Bijoux is jewelry made in Moldova by Ana Popova. I have seen the beautiful necklaces on a few women before the fashion show and have been meaning to look into the shop. The Ju Bijoux jewelry has bold colors with flowers and little ball-like designed beeds. It’s not something that I would buy at first sight, but over time I noticed a few different versions, which gave me a push to go and find the store.

The Ju Bijoux studio where the jewelry is showcased and made, is located in something that looks like a house and not a commercial building. So this is a surprise, but it also makes it a special place.

It’s located on Kogalniceanu street. On that street there is a restaurant called Trattoria between Iorga and Bodoni street. On the same side as the restaurant, there is a little alley that looks like a small street. You turn into it, and you will see a RED gate that is open. You go through that and you will see, what it looks like, someone’s yard. Go into the house that is ahead of you, where there are pictures of jewelry on the window. You go in and turn right and there you will see the little office full of jewelry!

Today, they had jewelry that was 30% and 50% off. The prices range from 100 to 600 lei. They offer tea or water if you want, which is nice. I now realized that they have a very nice website with many pictures of their jewelry. Some of the styles I see in the web were not in the shop, but I assume it is something they can make. It seems that you can order online also. Here is their website:

I would recommend going into this shop when you have the chance. It’s so sweet!


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