Dendrarium Park

We have been in Chisinau for 9 months and we only recently went to the well-known park – Park Dendrarium. We don’t have a car yet, so, although, not far from the center, it wasn’t in the walking distance from the center. Last Sunday, we decided to check it out, finally, and so we got a taxi to go there. What we found was an immense beautiful park with many different corners that would satisfy many needs.

Entrance costs 2 lei for adults with children (a bit more for those without kids -huh? why be so nice to the parents?), and there are popcorn and drinks before the entrance, if you want some with you. And I heard you can get a pass that would be even cheaper. There seems to be only one entrance there (Creanga str. and Coco str. corner).There is a sign for free WiFi but I didn’t test it yet. Lots of wedding parties go there for pictures. On the day we went, we saw about 5 different brides. Right when you enter, there seems to be a lot of people, but then as you keep going there are many calm places. The place is huge Huge HUGE! We didn’t go see all of it.



The park has a big area with many roses, lakes with ducks and ponds with lilies, benches to sit and watch people, a little forest to walk through, and more.


We didn’t see any playgrounds for children, but there were big fields for flying kite and playing ball.


We ate popcorn there and I saw some people sitting on blankets on the grass, but I haven’t seen anyone having picnic style food there. So, can you eat there or not? I don’t know, yet. It would be a pity if you can’t eat there, since it’s such a beautiful place to sit for a long time, and I can’t sit somewhere for a log time without eating something.


I found a long-ish Youtube video showing more of Dendrarium here:

We may live somewhere close to this park soon and I wonder how it is in the winter there. In this day and age, you don’t need to wonder too long, though:

I had a good time at Dendrarium and the rest of the family loved it too. Next time we are coming, I’m bringing a kite and some food!


3 thoughts on “Dendrarium Park

  1. Great! Yes, you can eat food there. Last year for my birthday, my husband prepared a picnic and we sat on a blanket and ate it while there was a catered wedding reception with music nearby. Theoretically you aren’t supposed to have certain beverages with alcohol but it doesn’t seem like they are very strict. Similarly, they say no pets, but small dogs are tolerated. The entrance cross street is Eugen Coca and I. Creanga. The tram stop is “Neaga”. The cost for an adult and small child is 1 lei (I don’t know how they are defining “small”) and 2 lei for an adult. Students I think are 1 lei, and seniors are free. A one month pass is 15 lei for parent and (small) small child and 30 lei for an adult without a child (ha- an unaccompanied adult). The main benefit of the “abonament”/ pass is to not have to wait in line on the weekends behind all the wedding parties. As you probably noticed, there is a small playground bordering on an adult fitness zone with some equipment. The wifi works, but is not incredibly strong, and only works in certain wifi zones (so not throughout the park). There is a “train” in the later part of the day that has a person dressed up as a chipmunk, some loud but jovial music and they charge 10 lei for a parent and child together. I think it is 10 lei for the child and the parent rides free.

    • Oh that’s great information! The train with music sounds fun. I hope to have many good times there with you guys! I really love that you wrote a comment with all that info 🙂 Thank you!

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