Buffalo Steak House in Chisinau


The Buffalo restaurant on Aleksandri 20 is a pleasant treat if you crave good steak. Other than their steaks, there are a lot of other good dishes and salads and wines. For me, how the place looks inside is a good reason to go there. Lots of windows make it really bright during the day. I have been there for lunch twice and really enjoyed it both of the times. I have been there once for dinner on a Saturday and it was a bit crowded for me but still the food and wine was great. We were recommended to try to go there for dinner during the week for less crowd and a more enjoyable atmosphere.

Last time I was there for lunch with the International Woman’s Club of Chisinau, I had a lot of fun taking pictures inside. I took pictures of pretty much every corner of the restaurant and am showing it below. However, there is one area that I am not showing here mainly because you must go and see it for yourself. The area is – the bathrooms! Take my word for it. Just go and see it.

Some info:

I don’t know the telephone number and I would put down their website, but when you click on it right now (end of Feb, 2012) it only says “hello wold!”.

There is some smoking at the restaurant so it may be smoky, but the services is friendly and there is plenty of space for kids to run around and stuff.

There is a kid corner for kids to go to also.

You can also buy raw steak and other meat products there for cooking at home.

It is a bit spendy.

and i don’t remember other info, so just go there and check it out.


3 thoughts on “Buffalo Steak House in Chisinau

  1. I love reading all your Blogs and LOVE all the pictures! Let me know when you come back to NH so we can get the kiddos together 🙂 xo

    • Hey there~ i’m so happy you stopped by! 🙂 It makes me want to continue it even more to hear that you love it!

      We will let you know for sure! It might be sometime in the summer.


  2. So what’s this international club you have joined as a woman? That sound pretty cool! Oh and you’re great a taking photos keep them coming!

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