La Placinte – Family Style Restaurant

On those days when we just can’t seem to motivate ourselves to make food, we order in from a few places, which includes La Placinte sometimes. I have never been fully satisfied with what I had ordered from there for delivery, but nevertheless, my husband convinced me to go to the actual restaurant for dinner with the kids.

And I was pleasantly surprised as soon as I entered La Placinte on Cel Mare street. I heard that La Placinte and Andy’s Pizza are both owned by the same person. So far in our settlement here, we noticed these two restaurants everywhere in Chisinau.

Inside of the La Placinte reminds us of mexican family restaurants in the US. The staff is friendly and the food comes fast, which is perfect for our kids who love to scream and run around if they are not eating. And the food tastes much better when you eat it there than when you order it. We have visited La Placinte twice so far and every time it was filled with happy groups of people. It is a fun place to go with or without kids.


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