“I Love Chisinau” Tuesday

So many blogs have such themes as “Tea Time Tuesday” or “No Comments Friday”, and I always liked that. It makes that day so special. Also, for the blogger, it gives a purpose and focus to the otherwise purpose-less and unfocused mind.

So, today, on the very lovable February 14th, I dedicate Tuesdays to what I love about Chisinau.

Today’s choice is something that fills my family’s (especially my) heart with warmth and giggles – Napoleon Cake.

In Chisinau, you don’t have to find some secret boutique pastry shop to find this heart-warmer. All you need to do is walk into the pastry/cakes section when you are grocery shopping in N1 supermarkets. You don’t have to get a whole cake of it. You just ask for a piece or two, and you go home, put on some green tea, enjoy the cake and the tea, and go back to the store again because you will want to get the whole cake actually.

I LOVE Napoleon Cake at night when kids go to sleep (yes, they do get their share before bedtime). And I LOVE Chisinau, because I can find them so easily here.


2 thoughts on ““I Love Chisinau” Tuesday

    • hey there! You gotta come visit me and try one of these cakes to know what I’m talking about, although I know that Brussels has its version of it too!

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