Delice d’Ange – has got it all!

I had lunch with my husband at Delice d’Ange today and I think I may have fallen in-love with this place. It seems that it was created for all my needs.

Delicious pastries? CHECK!

More delicious pastries? CHECK!

Quiche? CHECK!

Croissants? CHECK!  And wait to see this…


Tataaaa – I present you, the Almighty PLAYGROUND on the second floor! For my kids, of course.  DOUBLE CHECK!

Internet so I can do school work? CHECK!

Everything else I need right next to me when times get tough? CHECK!

I even like how the building looks. It looks like it was exported here from modern Germany or Denmark or something. What I’m saying is, it has lots of windows!

Oh, I’ll be back you little flying girl. I only tried five different things this time and you have so many more different things to eat. I’ll be back.


It’s 36F in Chisinau tonight (10:12PM); it supposed to rain tonight. Today was such beautiful day outside! My online school started today so there are lots of writing coming my way. I hope it won’t stop me continuing this blog. Some comments would definitely motivate me more!



5 thoughts on “Delice d’Ange – has got it all!

  1. Your comments and photos (especially). Carried me back to one of our favorite places…ahhhhh, those napoleons and quiche and perfectly made lattes!!!
    Thank you for the walk down memory lane. 🙂

    • Hi, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad my blog helped another person other than me. We are enjoying being here so far, and I think we will have a good experiences in the future.
      Come back again. I’ll do more such posts in the future.

  2. After seeing the coffee and the cakes at the Delice D’ange and Tucona, I have prepared a small cafe-like dish for myself, I wıill need to be happy just with a cup of nescafe and some chocolate and hazelnut waffle-biscuite while lookin at your coffee photos !

    I am still tryin to get used to the format of the blog, as I am not a good blog reader and commentor, but I just started to realize this is a perfect way to see what you are up to and to be able to see ur life from ur eyes ! Exciting and happy about that Tavus 🙂 I can feel that I will make lots of comments because this is like an opportunity to know ur life better and share it with you

    • i’m glad you are making plans for sweet times 🙂 . yes, I wanted to start this blog so I can keep in touch with everyone I love around the world and so I know what it is that I am doing myself :). I’ll look forward to your comments girl. love u,

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