Tucano Coffee, Take Me Away!

On December 24th, we woke up and said “let’s go have pancakes and coffee.” For all that we know about Chisinau so far, that can only mean Tucano Coffee cafe.

They have GOOD coffee and cappuccino, and they have a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. They have plenty of space, and our favorite is a room in the back with the TV showing cartoons all the time!!! And the prices are reasonable. They also have nice omelets.

It’s just a nice place to go.  I have a feeling I will be going here not only with my family but also alone with my laptop. They have free wifi!

Love it!


It’s 39F outside. It was soooo cold yesterday but today have been sunny and pleasant. The kids are still playing with their Xmas gifts.



4 thoughts on “Tucano Coffee, Take Me Away!

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