Interactive Map of Chisinau

Oh, I do love technology!

Soon after arriving, my husband ran into this interactive map of Chisinau and it’s really great. It shows the major regions, streets, bus and Mtaxi (mini van) lines, and places for shopping, entertainment and such.

I just don’t know how reliable some information, such as the Mtaxi line, is though. It seems very convincing but I still need to check them out. I did get on the Mtaxi once already by asking people who were waiting in a corner and asking for their help to tell me when my stop is coming since there is no indication for that. So, in the future I would always need to ask until I get to know certain areas by heart. People are nice about helping out, and the fare for Mtaxi rides are only 3 lei! ($1.00=11.7 lei – dec 12,2011).I really enjoy the “Find Street” button. It lists the streets by alphabetical order and shows where it is. Handy dandy!

Now, I wonder if there is a specific route map for all the transportation system here, so I can have them everywhere and so I don’t have to memorize the map..?

  • Chisinau Interactive Map:

It’s about 43 F outside, I’m inside my apartment with my daughter A running and jumping on the couch, and I’m trying to stop her but it doesn’t work.



4 thoughts on “Interactive Map of Chisinau

  1. I plan to visit Chisinau for the second time In April. I don’t speak Russian, but have you any advice and know of English speaking contacts there please? Best, Dave

    • I found people friendly here, but the fact that I speak one of the spoken languages helps me a lot. Expats often find service difficult here but I rarely hear complaints about how people are.

    • Hi there! Generally, people are friendly here. I have stopped and asked for directions and majority have nice. Of course, there are a few who can seem cold. I mainly try to ignore such things because every culture is different when it comes to communication. If you speak one of the languages spoken here even a little, that is always helpful to get you through anything!

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